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RV Sales Overland Park

 Buying a recreational vehicle is not as expensive as people assume. There are many misconceptions about RVs. People tend to think that they are not luxurious and affordable, but they are wrong. There are many models of RVs that offer all of the comforts of home without breaking the bank. Anyone who wants to get the best deal on an RV should contact the professional experts at Liberty RV when looking at RV sales in Overland Park.

At Liberty RV, we proudly offer some of the most affordable rates on our wide inventory of RV models. From folding campers to travel trailers, we have the widest inventory in the local area. Our prices are unbeatable. Plus, we offer financing options to make it even more affordable to purchase an RV.

Types of RV Sales near Overland Park

There are a few different types of RVs that can be found in our inventory at Liberty RV. Each model has its own unique features and assets. We have compiled a list of the most popular types of RVs that we offer:

  • Folding Campers – Folding campers can provide many benefits. For starters, they are lightweight, which means they can easily be towed by a car or truck. Since most folding camper models are compact, they are easy to store. These models pop out to provide more room. All of the modern conveniences of home can be found in a folding camper. They are the most basic model of RV that you can buy.


  • Hybrid Campers – Hybrid campers have much in common with folding campers. However, hybrid campers provide more living space than most folding campers. These models are also lightweight and compact. Most have a canvas top that provides a real rustic camping feel without the hassle of a tent. Hybrid campers are known for providing more sleeping space than folding campers.



  • Toy Haulers – If you love to bring along your ATV or another outdoor riding vehicle, a toy hauler might be what you are looking for. These models are lightweight and compact, but the total area of the toy hauler is divided up into two separate spaces. One half is for living while the other half is for storage of motorcycles or snowmobiles. Toy haulers have considerably less living space but do provide the ability to bring along outdoor toys.


  • Fifth Wheel Trailer – A fifth wheel trailer requires a truck for hauling and are heavy duty. The trailer connects to the truck with a special hitch. These trailers are heavier than hybrid or folding campers. They are also harder to maneuver while driving. The name of this trailer refers to the fifth wheel hitch that is usually attached to the truck.


  • Travel Trailer – A travel trailer provides all of the comforts of home. They are a dwelling on wheels. They are a great option when you are traveling. They are less expensive than bigger types of RVs but still, provide luxurious comfort.

Get in touch today with our friendly and knowledgeable staff at Liberty RV today to learn more information about our inventory of RVs, and which would be best to fill your needs as you look at RV sales in Overland Park!