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Gardner RV

Liberty RV is conveniently close to Gardner.  We specialize in all makes and models.  Liberty RV is committed to making your RV purchase the best buying experience.

Camping, Second Home, or Retirement

Whether you want a Class A, fifth wheel, travel trailer, fold down, or a toy hauler, Liberty RV has a huge inventory to choose from.  There is an RV for everyone, every lifestyle, and every budget. 

  • Class A: The largest RV on the road and the most expensive, these are the most popular configuration for the more dedicated travelers.  They have the most interior space and have countless configurations and amenities available.  Retirees and those interested in living on the road full time tend to prefer a Class A. 
  • Class B: Also called a camper van.  Easier to drive and maneuver than a Class A, the Class B still offers comfortable sleeping areas and all the necessities of life.  Still initially expensive to purchase, Class B’s are usually more economical to operate. 
  • Class C: A midsized RV, 20 to 33 feet long, a Class C is built on a truck or van chassis.   A Class C can be as challenging to maneuver as a Class A and not quite as economical as the Class B, but they are self-contained with the basic necessities and large enough to accommodate the entire family. 
  • Travel Trailers: All the conveniences of home, these can be towed with a variety of different vehicles.  Trailers are less expensive than a full-sized motorhome, and the towing vehicle can be used to run errands. 
  • Fifth Wheeler: Towing a fifth wheeler is easier towing than a trailer, although you must have a truck with an open or flat bed.  A fifth wheeler also offers many amenities and storage space. 
  • Folding and tent trailers: These are some of the smallest towable RVs.  They collapse for easy storage and are lightweight and easy to maneuver.  There is very little storage and rarely contain kitchen or bathroom facilities, although they are the most inexpensive. 
  • Toy Hauler: A toy hauler is a combined travel RV and sport utility trailer.  If you want to take your ATVs, motorcycles, or snow mobiles with you, a toy hauler has a rear compartment and a folding ramp to load your ‘toys’ for the trip.  A smaller toy hauler may have limited living space, but a larger one can be equipped with many commonly desired amenities.   

Why Liberty RV? 

Our knowledgeable staff will help you find exactly what you are looking for and maybe even find something you didn’t even know you wanted.  Do you have a favorite brand of RV or a specific floor plan you want?  We can find it for you.  Liberty RV stays up to date with everything that is new in RVs.

Where do I get my RV serviced in Garner?

There is no need to look elsewhere.  Liberty RV is close enough to Gardner for all of your service and parts needs after the sale.  We are a one-stop RV solution right in your own back yard.  Our service staff has 70 years of experience.